About Us

E-Vidya Academy, is the first ever website made, in this form, specifically for SEBA Board students. The content of our website is strictly according to the current school textbooks and syllabus. We at e-Vidya Academy teach students to think and learn beyond classroom teachings. We inspire students to be friendlier with online education which we provide in newest technology and teaching methodology. With the growing change in conducting competitive examination from traditional ways to online method, student will get a clear picture of the upcoming challenges in their career and get themselves prepared. We encourage students to ask any type of syllabus related questions to our expert’s panel and take part in the discussion forum with other students from different parts of the state.  Our expert’s panel of subject teachers will further increase the knowledge of the students and clear their doubt if any in a very systematic way. Now, you can prepare not classroom wise, not school wise but in a state level in any classroom you belong.